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Hutia Edwards

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I am originally born and bred in Taumarunui.  I have lived in Taumarunui for the majority of my life.  I have two beautiful children.
My children are involved with many of the activities offered by TYCT.  
Myself, I have been involved with Silverback Netball for the last 8 years,  TYCT has played a huge part in supporting the netball teams ensuring the teams have great-looking uniforms and suitable gear and equipment for netball teams, I love netball and really enjoy the team I play with, such a positive bunch of ladies.  I am excited about what the future holds for my children growing up in Taumarunui.

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Dayton Kawau, 16

I have lived in Taumarunui for most of my life doing a small stint over the ditch in Australia. I found my love for boxing at the Taumarunui Silverback Boxing Academy. 

Of recent, I won a Silver medal at the 2018 NZ Boxing Nationals.  I was privileged to be selected for the Central North Island Team for the nationals, I have my sites set on the gold for future Nationals!  This will mean a lot of hard work and time in the gym.  My whole family is involved with the Boxing, sometimes to get extra training in I join in on the Senior's sessions also. 

I have learned so much been part of the team at the Academy and have an awesome team to train under.   The support I  receive from the coaches and the work that goes on behind the scenes is really awesome.  All the young ones involved look forward to training nights as there is always something new to learn at every session.  

Greg Chester,

I am proud to be part of such a successful team with the Silverback Boxing Academy.  I have been part of the venture from the beginning.  The growth was quite a surprise. The numbers kept doubling with more and more kids wanting to part of the positive atmosphere.  We are sitting at capacity with most of the sessions with a waitlist for the next kids who want to join in on the action. When the kids come at the beginning, it is all about the fitness and learning basic technique.  If the kids are ready to work hard - and have fun while doing - they will fit right in.  Your child may not ever become the heavyweight champion, but he or she can reap several benefits from the sport of boxing. Training in this sport helps kids excel both physically and mentally.

Boxing offers kids several mental benefits that they need in their daily lives. We believe improved physical health and improved performance in the ring can build the confidence of these kids. In addition, when fighting an opponent or just punching a bag, extreme focus is required. This can translate into better focus in the classroom. Boxing also helps youngsters control anger and aggression.  When young boxers successfully complete rigorous workouts and matches, they also learn about self-discipline and determination.

Cameron Elliot
Twilight Soccer 

Taumarunui is my new home.  I have come to town to which I'm working in the field of real estate, I'm really enjoying and hope to continue to help many people into new homes in the future.

I have really enjoyed living in Taumarunui as everyone has 5 minutes to stop and chat to you, people are extremely friendly.

I love my sport in particular football (soccer) snowboarding and golf.

I am looking forward to supporting the Twilight Soccer season and will ensure we work together with everyone to just get out and enjoy the game.  I'm grateful to have put my hand up to be the Event Manager and the support under TYCT has been great.  Looking forward to the Twilight season ahead.

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