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TAAC photo
Tiny Tots
Jamahl & Marc
Triathlon 2013
High Jump
Team Taumarunui
Start of race
Domain 2015 3
KCE singlets
Nicole Phillips
Nicole Phillips racing
Domain 2015 2
Caleb Turner-Kino 11.90 sec
Domain 2015 1
Group Shot
Alex Reid & Caleb Turner-Kino
2014-10-22 18.25.52
Caleb Turner-Kino 100m
Caleb Turner-Kino 100m action
2014-10-22 18.25.46
2014-10-22 18.13.42
2014-10-22 18.25.44
2013-11-12 19.11.59
2013-11-12 19.11.54
2013-11-12 18.41.26
2013-11-12 18.41.24
2014-10-22 18.13.31
2013-11-12 18.55.53
2013-10-29 18.35.43
2013-10-29 18.35.44
2013-10-29 18.35.39
2013-11-11 13.34.56
2013-11-11 13.34.49
2013-10-29 18.35.07
2013-10-29 18.35.37
2013-10-29 18.35.00
2013-10-29 18.35.26
2013-10-29 18.34.54
2013-10-29 18.35.32
2013-10-29 18.30.22
2013-10-29 18.34.46
2013-10-29 18.30.58

Taumarunui Amateur Athletics Club

The Taumarunui Amateur Athletic Club has risen from the ashes after dwindling membership and equipment almost brought the end for the town’s athletics club. Parents and supporters joined forces in 2012 to inject new life into the club, attracting 120 members after just two weeks. We have worked extremely hard over the last couple of years to continue to offer athletics in Taumarunui. We have now re-located the athletics from the Taumarunui Domain which is seen a substantial increase in attendance to 220 children due to its central location.
The club’s aim is to foster Taumarunui athletic stars in the making; we have so much raw talent and natural ability in our community. This is a great way to support our local kids.

The objective of the Taumarunui Amateur Athletic Club is to promote athletics and triathlons in Taumarunui and the surrounding area for our local community.
"To provide a safe, caring community club that offers coaching & support, to encourage athletes of all abilities to reach their full potential while being taught the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, respect, participation, friendship and fun"
Our club places special emphasis on fair play and sportsmanship and actively encourages the development of such attributes as teamwork and leadership.
We consider athletics to be the foundation of all sports - all sports use the skills developed at athletics.
This includes a wide range of events from running, jumping, and throwing with each event modified to suit the age and ability of the athlete. Also with the introduction of the triathlon component, this has developed our children to gain a range of diverse sporting abilities.
Emphasis is on fun, participation, performance, and technique and being involved in healthy, physical activity.

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Bank Account # 02-0424-0044912-010
Acc Name: Taumarunui Amateur Athletics
(Please use child's first and last names as reference)

Online registration link:

TAAC Athletics 19th October 2022

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