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The Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust (TYCT) is a charitable Trust which was formed in 2016 to umbrella and assist numerous sporting, recreational and cultural activities in the Taumarunui community.
Dwindling participant and volunteer numbers is affecting all sports and activities in Taumarunui. TYCT structures will endeavour to boost volunteer and participant numbers, working towards a more sustainable future. Working together to improve community connectedness TYCT will enable a more collective approach to core functioning’s and coordination of community groups in Taumarunui.
TYCT has a formal working partnership with Sport Whanganui to deliver community sport outcomes. The Trust aims to actively promote sport, recreation, leisure and activity opportunities to the people of Taumarunui through the provision of a well managed, quality community centre. TYCT has the aspiration to promote partnerships to increase participation.
The Trust aims to allow each affiliated code to lift their profile in the community and in turn attract young people to the sport as well as community activities. The skills and interaction that young people have while participating in activities and sports will promote and develop a healthy and happy Taumarunui community.
We want to be the lead provider for the development of sport, recreation and cultural activities. We have a clear focus on building structured systems and providing communal resources through collaborative funding for everyone in Taumarunui.
Period: August 2018 – August 2019

It is a pleasure to present my report on behalf of the Board. 

At our AGM, I will have completed two years as chair and this report gives me the opportunity to look back on our recent

achievements and what lies ahead.

TYCT is a well-respected and well-run outfit, involving itself in our local community with a cross-section of local sportsmen and

women as part of our team of volunteers.

TYCT enjoyed a full and rewarding year in getting more people in our community more active, more often.  Thank you to Amy Perez (TYCT Manager) for the tireless hours that she dedicates to all components of TYCT and to the high standard of delivery given to all domains.   Thank you to the TYCT Trustees for the effort and support they have given to ensuring we ‘Help people reach their potential’.

I also want to recognise the ongoing support of our Board, local council, funders, and partners who help us to achieve our goal of getting the community active. Many community groups and businesses have shown fantastic support for TYCT and the work it does. Without this support we would have little hope of achieving our goal of ‘Helping people reach their potential’.  

There have been many highlights for the year and amongst them has been the continued growth and development of TYCT with 20 codes/activities being supported and umbrellaed under TYCT.  Our drive for more Community Events in the community has continued with TYCT taking a leading role in Interschool Activities, as well as multiple Twilight Sports.

We understand that in today’s world, events offer our community a quick and convenient way in which TYCT can engage with, and continue to work closely with local schools and groups to encourage more opportunities for our local people to be active.  Significant advancements have been made in increasing the exposure of the Trust, with regular editorials in the local paper, and Facebook posts of updates of what's happening locally with events offered by TYCT.

At its heart, sport and recreation is about community. The role of TYCT in this respect has been outstanding over the last 12 months, as we continue to strive towards our vision of ‘Supporting the educational, social and physical development of Taumarunui youth and community members’.

The evidence of the effectiveness of TYCT can be found in:

  • Enhanced interschool activities for the primary school-aged children

  • New activities offered within the community such as orienteering, mud run, and tag rugby

  • Strengthened capacity of local clubs and other sport and recreation providers

  • Assistance for groups and the overall community, where sport and recreation can be a vehicle for improved health outcomes for all ages

  • Support for a number of fun, entertaining and exciting sports, and recreation-based events within Taumarunui

  • Increased resources for various sporting codes with Taumarunui

  • Empowering community volunteers with over 200 volunteers giving their time and valued skills

Other activities which TYCT have been involved with include:

  • Teaching at the local Taumarunui High School

  • Providing leadership opportunities for local High School students

  • Providing communal community resources

  • Supporting other local Trusts to work collaboratively to help enhance better community outcomes.

As with any organisation, there are many challenges that lie ahead.  The continued importance of obtaining funding will continue to be an ongoing challenge.  With growing numbers, the workload of our TYCT Manager is of concern, and the need for an employed administrator position in the near future is vital.  While the need to fund two paid roles is a massive challenge, it is also a positive one, and clearly shows the growth TYCT has made over the last two years.

Overall, the progress that TYCT has made over the past year has been very positive, with many steps in our strategic plan being achieved or a work in progress.  I look forward to the year ahead and continuing to be active, involved, and visible in our community, and with our youth.

Kyra Leatuafi











BOXING - Charlie Perez

CRICKET - Tui MacKenzie


NETBALL - Kyra Leatuafi

ZUU FITNESS - Sam Scheyvens

DISC GOLF - Pete Boyle

DARTS - Tui MACKenzie

PICK-A-PAIR - Pete Boyle




AMY PEREZ 027 6353991



I have lived in Taumarunui now with my husband and four daughters for 15 years. Moving to Taumarunui was where we wanted to bring up our family being my husband's hometown.  I have represented New Zealand and won multiple World titles for Waka Ama, my new found passion is running completing many half marathons and my first full marathon in 2014.

Being active is a huge part of mine and my family's life and I decided to step it up and show our community and our kids that there is so much more out there.

I am an enthusiastic sports person and a firm believer in being active, it is my passion for making a positive difference with people and their whānau.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many aspects of sport and community activities. I am always keen to share information and resources to help the wider community.

Upskilling and supporting grassroots volunteers in order to grow sport and community development is what I see as a key contributor in our communities future.

I am very passionate when it comes to enabling our youth and overall our community, I look forward to developing TYCT further with many exciting times ahead.

I thoroughly enjoy every minute of what I do, hearing & seeing the success around me encourages me to reach out to more people.




I was brought up in Taumarunui and attended boarding school in Auckland, after which I completed a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Sports Coaching and Management at Massey University.

I returned to Taumarunui to train to be a teacher and I am currently a teacher at one of local Taumarunui primary schools.


I have always enjoyed being involved in community groups and organising events and activities for our community and youth. 


I am proud of what TYCT stands for in our community, and of the progress that we have made.  I am very passionate about ensuring TYCT provides opportunities for our community and youth to be active, involved and healthy.

I am married with 2 children and am also a grandfather to three wonderful grandchildren.  I am very passionate about community, youth, sport, and being active.  I have been involved with multiple community groups, volunteering, and taking on various roles in a number of committees.


I am passionate about giving back to my community and am excited to be a part of the Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust. 





I am a 66-year-old night orderly at our local hospital.  I have lived in Taumarunui for many years now with my wife to which I also have a 29-year-old stepson.

I have been actively involved, for numerous years, with mentoring many of our town's youth. I am a very strong advocate of people participating in all aspects of sport for their personal health and wellbeing.  I am one who always stresses the importance of academic success for the future of our young people,  emphasising that learning is for life…no matter what age you are.”

I have represented New Zealand Internationally in Disc Golf winning a silver medal at The World Team Championships in Vancouver in 2016, and previously finished 3rd in the Grandmaster division in The World Championships in 2008 in America.

I am the founder of the Pick-a-Pair shoes initiative, where I collect and buy shoes for those that are in need of shoes whether it’s for school sports or just needing shoes.

I am a firm believer in making opportunities for everyone in our special place, our community we all call home, “Taumarunui”.

I was born in Taumarunui, a King Country man at heart.  I am married with 2 children.


I have had a life time involvement in multiple sports and community groups, as a competitor and in management and governance positions.  


I have  previously worked as a builder, milkman and rural delivery contractor to which

I tried to retire.  This was short lived and I was then offered a fantastic opportunity to work as a guide in a local tourist business.  



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